Omega Oil and Gas Ltd is an Australian listed public company, which was incorporated on 23 September 2020 as Luco Energy Pty Ltd, and converted to Omega Oil and Gas Limited on 19 May 2022. The company owns 100% of Cypress Petroleum, which owns 100% of ATP 2037, ATP 2038 and PL 17.

ATPs 2037 and 2038

  • Omega acquired the exploration tenements ATP 2037 and 2038 as part of the purchase of Cypress Petroleum from Tag Oil in October 2020.
  • ATP 2037 and 2038 are adjacent exploration permits covering an area of approximately 250,000 acres in the Surat Basin, South East Queensland.
  • Favourably located approximately 50 km away from existing gas infrastructure and gas pipelines.

PL 17 

  • PL 17 is located in the Surat Basin and covers an area of approximately 26,000 acres.
  • Oil discoveries in the Bennett and Leichardt oilfields, with proven reserves in the Bennett oilfield.
  • Primary target is oil-bearing Jurassic sandstones.
  • Significant room for production uplift with investment in well workovers and new production wells.
  • Significant recoverable coal seam gas resource has been indicated within PL 17.